Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Conference - Nottingham Part II

Today's highlight was obviously David Cameron's speech which concentrated on the future of the NHS. He staked the Tory's claim to be the party of the NHS, pledging to end the targets he says are destroying the service. He said government targets had turned the NHS into a "vast inhuman machine" and that only the Tories could restore staff morale and improve patient care. This view was supported by a number of speeches from doctors and nurses about how bureaucracy and reorganisation have hamstrung the NHS.


However, having celebrated St Patrick's Day in style last night (where David 'WMD' Grantham lived up to his considerable reputation), it was necessary for us to catch up on some sleep this afternoon. But we are looking forward to this evening's night out, when GK and Gareth (Both Nottigham University Graduates) are taking us to some of their old haunts for a few end of conference drinks and a well deserved curry.


GK's Quote of the Day: David Grantham on the Blackpool conference later this year - "My old Headmaster lives nearby and I'm sure he'll love to see me again".


Havering CF will be attending this year's annual conference in Blackpool (29th September to 3rd October). We will be looking at accommodation shortly, so if you are interested in attending then please email GK Adams on

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