Saturday, March 24, 2007

Angela Watkinson MP selected for Hornchurch & Upminster

This morning saw the selection of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the new Hornchurch and Upminster constituency. The seat was contested by Angela Watkinson MP (Upminster) and James Brokenshire MP (Hornchurch), both excellent Members of Parliament who contribute a great deal to their local communities and the Conservative Party in Parliament.

There was a vote of over 100 members at the selection meeting which saw each candidate speak for 10 minutes and then answer questions for a further 15 minutes. I am delighted to be able to announce that Angela won the vote and has been duly named as the PPC for the Hornchurch and Upminster Constituency.

The contest was robust and dignified and I would like to extend my personal congratualtions to Angela and my best wishes to James who I have no doubt will find another seat in the very near future.

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