Sunday, March 25, 2007

Romford Town Quiz Night

The Romford Town ward held a quiz night yesterday and Havering CF entered a team. Although we didn’t win, despite our very Gareth Thompson acting as chief scorer, we did well to achieve a respectable third place. This was particular well earned in light of the particularly tricky questions (set by local councillors Wendy and Fred Thompson), which contained rounds on subjects as diverse as ‘Sixties Music’ and ‘Herbs’.

Havering CF Chairman Sarah Mackintosh acted as quizmaster for the evening and her numerous mispronunciations of the questions provided lots of material for heckles and banter directed towards her from the HCF table.

Our next social event is a Bowlarama on Saturday 31st March from 7.00pm at the Number Ten Bowling Alley in the Brewery, Romford. To attend this event or to start receiving our regular social event emails contact us at

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Wendy said...

I'm glad the Quiz Night was a success. I'm sure Sarah was a fantastic quizmistress and it was very rude of folks to heckle.

There will be another quiz to raise funds for my charity Habbit Shed. This will be on Saturday April 21st at Abbs Cross School.

Yours truly will be asking the questions this time so there had better be no heckling. Just the hint of a heckle and there will be a spot fine of a quid into the Mayor's charity box. I kid you not.

See you there


The Mayor