Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Poll - Question 4

Tony Blair wants to lower the age to 17 at which young people can receive long prison sentences for possessing a gun.
Announcing a firearms law review, he said he was considering lowering the age from 21 for a mandatory five-year jail term for carrying a gun.
The Independent - like a number of other papers - is unimpressed with Prime Minister Tony Blair's plans to tackle gun crime.
It questions plans to lower the minimum age offenders can be jailed for having guns in light of prison overcrowding.
The Daily Mail says supposed "new gun laws are already in place".
The Daily Telegraph says courts do not enforce current laws and the Sun says the PM's government "spawned the crisis of armed teenagers" in the first place.

Is increasing armed police in London the best way to combat gun crime?
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The Result: 62% support armed police on the streets fo London and 38% against

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