Friday, February 02, 2007

Mayor of Haverings Charity Dinner - Update

I have picked a few of the best photos out. The evening was a great success as we raised over the £1,000 target...the final total was just over £1,100!

The first photo here is of the "Chain Gang", with our Mayor of Havering, Cllr Wendy Brice-Thompson.

Next up is Billy being serenaded by Katie Milton, our singer for the evening from Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.

Most of the HCF Committee with the 3 Havering MP's, from left to right Angela Watkinson MP (Vice President), Cllr GK Adams (Deputy Chairman Membership and Social Secretary), Sarah Mackintosh (Chairman), Amy Phythian (Secretary and Acting Treasurer), Andrew Rosindell MP (Vice President), James Brokenshire MP (President) and Gareth Thompson (Website Officer).

Wendy with the Mayor of Waltham Forest (and yes, Wendy did go for the furry handcufts when they were offered to her!), Michael and his lovely assistant Linda.

HCF member Chris "Get involved" Ryan collecting his bottle of Bubbly that he won in the raffle.

Again, most of the HCF Committee with the 3 Romford Town Councillors, from left to right, Cllr Andrew Curtin, Cllr GK Adams, Sarah Mackintosh, Cllr Frederick Thompson (Consort to the Mayor of Havering), Cllr Wendy Brice-Thompson (Mayor of Havering), Gareth Thompson and Amy Phythian.

Gareth chatting to Angela Watkinson MP.

From left to right Angela Watkinson MP, Lurline Champagnie (Nominee for the Conservative Mayor of London Candidate), David Ramsey (a HCF Vice President), Cllr Roger Evans AM (HCF Vice President) and Sarah Mackintosh.

Many of the HCF members who attended and a couple of friends thrown in!

Left to right, back row Connie Bennett, Sean Graham, Andrew Mackintosh, Sarah Mackintosh, Amy Phythian, front row Karen Jensen, Chris Ryan, Beth Huggins, Billy Taylor and Gabrielle Burne.
A very happy James Brokenshire MP collecting his prize from the raffle with the Mayor of Havering.

A special "Thank you" is to go to the photographer, Mario Yanez ( during the evening as he was fantastic!

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