Thursday, February 15, 2007

Events in the pipeline

The poll in relation to what events should we run has now closed. To update, the Committee has already started putting dates and plans in place to support what you voted for.

Political events - very soon we will start publicising a Conservative London Mayoral Candidate question and answer session. It is going to be held in Romford, and the date for your diary is 20 April. Further details will be announced shortly, but we have secured the services of Roger Evans AM to be our Chairperson for the evening and we have 6 of the Nominees agreeing to attend so far!

Curry nights - I am sure GK has a date in mind in the near future for this and confirmation will be through soon.

Local drinks - no date for this has yet been set, but there will be plenty of drinking going on at Bowlarama on Saturday...

Speaker events - not much interest for this one, but for those that voted for it, I hope the Mayoral Q&A session that we have arranged will be an event you will attend as it is the perfect opportunity for you to ask the candidates questions and find out why they want you to vote for them!

Dinners - the Annual Presidents dinner is booked for 7 September. We have secured the Coach House again as our venue and we hope it will be a sell out. Further details will be released nearer the time.

Quiz nights - we will continue to support the Wards and Associations that run these. the next that we are aware of is the Romford Town Quiz night, 24 March @ 85 Western Road. Please email if you wish to join the HCF team that we will be putting in!

Visits - a few suggestions have been thrown in such as Duxford in May for an Airshow.....we will look into further suitable venues like the Secret Nuclear Bunker and post details here.

Comedy Clubs - an evening of fun is already booked in for 23 February - so please book up asap if you wish to attend.

If you have any further ideas or any queries, please let us know!

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