Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dagenham & Rainham Candidates


Simon Jones:
Political achievements - Campaign Team Adviser, James Brokenshire MP election gain (2003-2005), Candidate, Pontefract & Castleford (2005), GLA candidate & Party officer for over 10 years (1996 - date), Councillor & Portfolio holder (Cabinet) Finance & E-Government (May 2002 - 2004), Winning the Youth Vote Campaign (2006)
Other interests - football, sailing, Sports project (conducted research into "Giving Britain a Sporting Chance", photography

"At the last election I balanced being a candidate with being a key part of James’ campaign team in Hornchurch. This time I will roll up my sleeves and work to earn your and the publics vote here in Dagenham and Rainham. This area needs the opportunity that only we Conservatives can deliver."

Paul Bristow:
Political achievements - Councillor Fulham Reach Ward (May 2006 - date), Advisor to Richard Spring MP, Member of the Election Campaign Teams in 2001, 2002, 2005 & 2006 electoral campaigns, Conservative Future National Chairman (2003-2005)
Other interests - Sports fan, cricket, football, eating out and socialising, films and cinema and travelling.

"I am a firm believer in pavement politics serving as a councillor in a ward which is 30% social housing. I believe in lower taxes, safer streets and value-for-money services. My priorities include 24/7 policing, putting local people first when it comes to regeneration and development, and running a high profile localised campaign."

Jane Archer:
Political achievements - Elected Deputy Chairman Political of Poplar & Limehouse (December 2006 - date), stood as a Councillor candidate (May 2006), stood as a Parlimentary Candidate for Walthamstow (May 2005), Mayoral Elections Campaign (November 2002 - November 2003).
Other interests - travel and theatre.

"A former parliamentary candidate and married to Tim, I have lived in East London for the past 8 years. Living in East London, I understand its unique character
and issues and am passionate about its regeneration. That is why fighting the Rainham prison proposal will be at the heart of my campaign as well as ensuring that the Thames Gateway development is supported by the required infrastructure. I have strong, traditional Conservative views on the key issues of policing, immigration and public services and will fight to ensure our policies are heard and supported above those of other single issue and far right parties."

Claire Palmer:
Political achievements - National Deputy Chairman Conservative Future, candidate in Local Council Elections in Upminster, Hornchurch General Election Campaign Team.
Other interests - friends, family, rugby union, skiing, theatre.

"Upminster born, 25, qualified barrister (crime, employment, housing)
Why Me?
I share your concerns, and understand local issues
Hard worker, loyal and committed
Experienced local campaigner with James Brokenshire and your Elm Park councillors
It's time D&R had a fair deal, and I will continue to fight for opportunity and quality of life for all local residents."

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