Thursday, January 25, 2007

Association Chairman's Meeting @ CCHQ

Gary Murphy (in his role as Hornchurch & Upminster deputy chairman) attended the regular meeting for London constituency chairman at Conservative Campaign Headquarters or CCHQ. The meeting started with a presentation on Campaign strategy for 2007 from the George Bridges, the Campaigns Director. This presentation gave a great insight, explaining past decisions and future ideas.
This was followed by an update on the issues surrounding the Greater London Assembly (GLA) such as the process for selecting Mayoral and GLA candidates. The update included contributions from Francis Maude MP, Angie Bray AM and Ian Sanderson (London regional director).
It is usual for these meetings to end with an example of best practice from the region. This time it was the turn of Islington Conservative Association who outlined the benefits of merging the two previous associations (North and South). This decision has allowed them to pool resources and fight campaigns more effectively.

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